Somewhere In My Dreams

Somewhere in my dream
Out beyond the azure skies
I saw a man in a shroud of light
And love shone in his eyes

His features were soft and muted
As if seen from behind a veil
But somewhere deep within my heart
I remembered each detail

Emerging from a mist
Of a time long ago
Memories swept across my mind
And feelings began to flow

I was filled with rememberence
Of a love I thought I'd lost
And I revealed in the joy
That our paths had once more crossed

Moving across a soft blue sea
We at last were face to face
Not with arms, but with hearts and souls
We once again embraced

From the heavens rained eternal love
Whioh drenched our starving souls
And where once we were two apart
We now are one and whole

Many of us never expect it
But sometimes our dreams come true
I know in my heart it happened to me
For the love I share with you


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