Loneliness No More

Looking back on loneliness
The shadow of my ghost
Haunting all my memories
That fed my fears the most.
There were times so filled with emptiness
That echoes on the wing
Reached to touch my sanity
And pain it always brings.

Specters crowded in my world
To tear down distant walls
Shattering the still of night
When whispers start to fall.
While winds that gather from the north
Break the silence spell
Reaching out they shroud my world
And lock me in the shell.

Sunshine was my dreaded curse
While laughter brought me pain
Clutching to my fears of joy
I'd searchied the skies for rain.
But winter's skies must bow to spring
No man an island makes
Given once a broken heart
What choice is his to make ?

Rainbows built on promises
Are fraught while fragile dreams
And pockets full of memories
Shallow do they seem.
All it takes is just one hurt
To lock an open door
Yet all it takes is just one smile
And loneliness no more.


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