First of all, I would like to say Thank You to those of you who took at least a slightest glance at this page. My initial purpose to create my own homepage was to introduce myself to others.

I am somewhat of a newbie as far as the Internet is concerned. I am learning how to write HTML as I go. It is quite exciting, although it is making for some long nights of trying to figure out where all the tags go! I have found that clicking my way around the World-Wide Web is much easier than actually programming what's behind all those clicks. Luckily my family is pretty understanding.

At present my hobby is Web-surfing. Here, online, you can choose to do or be many things. You can be alone with your thoughts, or you can talk to hundreds of people from all over the world. You can be yourself, or be anyone you want to be. You can live in the real world, or be a part of virtual cyberspace.



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