Self Portrait Pablo Picasso
1892 - 1906

The most celebrated artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso was a prodigy whose virtuosity, imagination and expressive power were evident long before he reached the age of 20.

Picasso was only 20 when he painted the self portrait above. He presents himself as a romantic bohemian figure, a moody young artist who fixes the viewer with an almost hipnotic stare.

Many exhibitions of Picasso's paitings were conducted.

Lola 1. Academic training and informal study.
Lola, the artist's sister
Barcelona, 1899-1900
Charcoal and color pencils on paper.
Couple 2. The Avant Garde in Barcelona
Spanish couple before an inn.
Barcelona, Summer 1900
Pastel on paper.
Clichy 3. Experimenting with style
Boulevard De Clichy
Paris, Early summer 1901
Oil on canvas.
Sea 4. Images Of Melancholy : The Blue Period
Woman and Child by the Sea
Barcelona, 1902
Oil on Canvas.
Fan 5. Poetic Style : The Rose Period
Woman with a Fan
Paris, Autumn 1905
Oil on Canvas
Toilette 6. Mediterranean Classicism : The Summer in Gosol
La Toilette
Gosol, Summer 1906
Oil on Canvas.
Palette 7. Towards new figure painting
Self Portrait with a palette
Paris, Autumn 1906
Oil on Canvas


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